About Us

After nearly two decades of providing technology solutions to hotels and their guests around the world, a team of industry veterans came together to take a fresh look at how to deliver better quality service in a more affordable and sustainable way. Having serviced the world’s leading hospitality brands at thousands of properties in over 60 countries and delivered around-the-clock support and services to tens of millions of guests every year, this group understood the challenges faced by hotel owners and operators – as guest expectations rise, technology advances and competitive pressures increase.


Guests want to quickly become comfortable in their room, hotel, and city, while having ready awareness and access to the services and amenities available to them. They also want to painlessly connect all their devices together and to reliable, secure internet. Hoteliers want to increase guest satisfaction and loyalty, while lowering operating costs and increasing revenue. These goals appeared mutually exclusive in many ways, until the team came up with an entirely new approach.

The team asked:

  • Could we create a modern device that leveraged the technological advances of recent years to provide a full-encrypted Wi-Fi network for each guest room that also provided both voice and touch interfaces to deliver the comfort and ease that guests seek?

  • Could it also allow hotel staff to easily connect with their guests to promote and engage in appealing and effective ways that increase both revenue and loyalty?

  • Could this device be cloud-powered to further reduce costs and increase satisfaction and to provide hoteliers insights to their property and guests?

  • Could it also replace the often-outdated guest services directory, the often-wrong alarm clock and the rarely-used PBX phone handset?

  • Could it be designed in a way that it was self-configuring, self-monitoring and could simply be shipped to the hotel and installed by the housekeeping staff?


And the team’s answer – Yes! Meet Angie!


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